Floriade – Site preparations (from 24 August 2009)

Floriade – Site preparations (from 24 August 2009)

Floriade logo Final preparations are being made at Commonwealth Park for this year’s premier spring festival Floriade, which runs from Saturday 12 September until Sunday 11 October 2009.

Fencing has now been installed around the event site and from Monday 24 August 2009 the park will be a construction zone and closed off to public access.

All fencing associated with the RG Menzies Walk construction at Regatta Point will be removed prior to Floriade opening on Saturday 12 September 2009.

Safe access to Regatta Point, The National Capital Exhibition, Canberra Business Event Centre and The Deck restaurant will be maintained via a path through Commonwealth Park West outside the Floriade fence line.

Parking at Regatta Point will also be affected with car parks closed from 6.00am on Monday 24 August 2009. This arrangement excludes the two parking bays closest to Regatta Point. Additional traffic lights have now been installed on Commonwealth Avenue and the speed limit has been reduced to 60km per hour.

For more information about Floriade please visit www.floriadeaustralia.com

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