EDO – Environmental Law Fact Sheets

EDO – Environmental Law Fact Sheets

The Environmental Defender’s Office (ACT) has produced a series of eleven Environmental Law Fact Sheets.  These fact sheets are designed to give plain English background knowledge of ACT environmental laws.

The titles are:

  • Introduction to environment and planning law and the legal system
  • Freedom of information
  • Challenging environmental decisions
  • Becoming an incorporated group
  • Biodiversity law
  • Biodiversity: managing pests
  • Biodiversity and domestic animals
  • Tree protection law
  • Heritage protection law
  • Pollution control law; and
  • Noise pollution.

Copies of these updated fact sheets are available online at their website  www.edo.org.au/edoact/ or by contacting the EDO office on 6243 3460 or edoact@edo.org.au.

The EDO Fact Sheets Project was carried out with the assistance of funds made available by the ACT Government under the ACT Environment Grants Program and the EDO gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the ACT Government.

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