Draft variation 306 to the Territory Plan

Draft variation 306 to the Territory Plan

The ACT Government is seeking public comment on draft changes to the Territory Plan affecting residential estate development, solar access and consolidation of blocks in established suburbs.

To explain draft variation 306 the ACT Government have produced a number of fact sheets which are available on its website.

Draft variation 306 is available for public comment until COB Tuesday 2 August 2011.


  1. Report presented on Inquiry into Draft Variation to the Territory Plan No. 306

    In September the Assembly’s Standing Committee on Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services presented its Report on its Inquiry into Draft Variation to the Territory Plan No. 306 – Residential development, estate development and leasing codes.

    “The Committee considers that, on the whole, DV306 provides a sound framework for improving solar access in residential zones, and recommended that it be proceeded with,” Ms Porter, the Committee Chair, said.

    The Committee made an additional 20 recommendations, including that community consultation on suburban precinct codes commence as soon as possible, that a sliding scale for plot ratios for large blocks be introduced, that public consultation material be improved, and that proposed changes to RZ2 provisions be re-examined to make them more consistent with housing affordability and urban infill objectives.

    “The Committee greatly appreciated the input from industry and professional organisations, community groups and individuals into what was a complex and controversial draft variation. I would also like to thank the Minister and his officials for contributing their time and expertise to the Committee’s inquiry,” Ms Porter said.

    Mr Coe dissented from the Committee’s Report.

    The Report is available on the Legislative Assembly’s website.http://www.parliament.act.gov.au/committees/index1.asp?committee=113&inquiry=1054&category=19

    Leon Arundell

    The Standing Committee on Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services invites submissions to its inquiry into Draft Variation to the Territory Plan No.306: Residential and Subdivision Policy Review.

    The recommended final variation is accessible via the ACTPLA website: http://www.actpla.act.gov.au/tools_resources/legislation_plans_registers/plans/territory_plan/recommended_final_variations

    Please note, the Committee has already received copies of all submissions provided to the ACT Planning and Land Authority and will take these into account during the inquiry. Submissions to ACTPLA therefore need not be re-submitted to the Committee.

    Written submissions should be lodged by 1 June 2012, however extensions may be granted. Submissions should include your full name, postal address (even if you are emailing the submission) and telephone number. Electronic lodgement is preferred. Please indicate in your submission if you are also interested in appearing as a witness at a public hearing of the Committee.

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