"Daily On Demand" – our elected representatives now under video scrutiny

"Daily On Demand" – our elected representatives now under video scrutiny

On 10 November 2009, WIN News (Canberra) ran an interesting article on how the ACT Legislative Assembly will be trialling their “Daily On Demand” a video-on-demand system that will allow the public to view many official activities of the Assembly and its elected members. This system will allow the electorate to view exactly what occurred and see the complete context of speeches, debates and question time with all the subtle nuances such as behaviour, tone of voice, attitude and body language – all factors that are lost when relying on a written Hansard record.


Video of the Service being introduced within the Assembly:


From the  ACT Legislative Assembly “Daily On Demand” web-page:

Daily On Demand

Daily on Demand provides you with access to archived audio-visual replays of the Assembly’s proceedings.

The replays are at present limited to Assembly chamber proceedings. Committee proceedings will also be available for replay when the current prototype system goes into production.

You can access the Assembly proceedings by:

  • Business (the most recent items of business dealt with by the Assembly)
  • Speeches (the audiovisual replay of members’ speeches)
  • Date (the day or date of proceedings)
  • Speakers (the current sitting members)

Replays of Assembly proceedings are available at the following times:

  • Morning sessions, by 1 pm.
  • Question time proceedings, 45 minutes after question time finishes.
  • Afternoon and evening sessions, on the morning after the day of sitting.

For instructions on how to use this site, watch our screencast.

We would appreciate your feedback about Daily on Demand and any suggestions you may have to improve it.

Note: copyright of the material in the video clips resides with the WIN Television & The Australian Capital Territory. Usage permitted in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act 1968, Section 42: Fair dealing for purpose of reporting news. Source: WIN News (Canberra) & “Daily On Demand” – 10 November 2009

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