Community Consultation 28 October on development of ‘Midtown,’ 219 Northbourne Avenue (Block 8 Section 58 Turner)

North Canberra Community Council members are invited to attend a community information session on this proposed development, to be held from 3:30pm –to 5:30pm on 28 October at the RUC Turner (54 McCaugley Street, Turner).

The Developer has advised that:

The site currently houses a ten storey office tower with three storey office annex, at-grade and podium carpark and landscaped areas. Existing street access to the site is provided via David Street.

The proponent has prepared a Master Plan for the renewal and redevelopment of this site as an integrated, mixed use precinct to be known as Midtown.

Midtown will be home to residences, popup shops, office space, restaurants, retail and a hotel which will integrate seamlessly with the surrounding community and public transport modes on Northbourne Avenue, now and into the future.

Midtown will transform the precinct into a dynamic urban space through the use of laneways, iconic architecture and a sense of community. The intention is to create a self-contained hotspot of activity and opportunity that will balance a vibrant living area with an incubation locality for small and larger business while being sustainable, aspirational and socially responsible.

The master plan envisions the project to be delivered in stages over a 3 – 5 year period.

  • Stage 1 focusing on the adaptive reuse of the existing ten storey tower to a 4.5 star hotel, demolition of the annex and podium carpark, establishment of new access and driveway arrangements, construction of underground and at grade car parking and landscaping across the site. The proposal also includes a Lease Variation.
  • Stage 2 focuses on the development of a mixed use building fronting David Street, subdivision of the site (in preparation of the establishment of a Community Title Scheme) and a lease variation including provision for residential purposes.

As part of the DA process we are consulting with the community, this includes an information session targeted to the broader community as well as direct engagement with community councils, resident associations and immediate neighbours.

Further, we would like to extend a special invitation to your members to the community information session to be held at 3:30pm – 5:30pm on 28 October at the RUC Turner (54 McCaugley Street, Turner).

The session will be staffed by our designers and key consultants that would be able to answer any specific questions that you may have.

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