Agenda Committee Meeting 16 Feb 22

Agenda Committee Meeting 16 Feb 22

Agenda: Committee meeting 7pm 16 February 2022
Online via Zoom –

Meeting ID: 852 8095 6471 Passcode: 912 705

Minute taker for the meeting:



  1. Confirmation of previous committee meeting minutes
    1. September (draft minutes attached to the email)
  2. Chair’s Update
    1. Options for shorter meetings
    2. Presentations at March meeting
    3. Summernats concerns
    4. Issues summary
  3. NCCC Social media sub-group update (Strategy Paper to be sent separately)
  4. Treasurer’s Update
  5. Update from resident/community associations (to be provided via email)
  6. Other business

Close of meeting


Committee meetings and general meetings are held on alternative months. The next Committee meeting will be held on 20 April.

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