Successful appeal at ACAT

The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal has varied the conditions of approval of a Northbourne Avenue development. As a result of an appeal brought by the North Canberra Community Council, the Tribunal ordered changes to the conditions that apply to the proposed development. The changes include reducing building heights, increasing on-site parking and increasing solar access. The tribunal also acknowledged that broader traffic issues “cannot be properly addressed by looking at one development, or even one street, but needs a broader approach.” The tribunals’ decision is at

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NCCC comments on the NCA’s draft amendment to the National Capital Plan (DA91)

This is a plan for the next 25 to 50 years. It is an investment in the future. The quality, liveability and workability of the city will be set in concrete with this plan. NCCC is generally supportive of what has been presented for The Avenue section of the plan. NCCC is concerned about the overall prescriptive nature of the amendment, given that the Territory Plan has in recent years moved towards an outcomes-based approach.

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