Canberra Times: Plan for $200m Civic 'towers'

Canberra Times: Plan for $200m Civic 'towers'

Proposed Civic Towers Site (source: Google Maps)
Proposed Civic Towers Site (source: Google Maps)

On 29 September 2009, Canberra Times journalist Megan Dohery, the city reporter, wrote a story indicating that there is a proposal to redevelop a block of prime real estate in the City (bounded by Northbourne Avenue, Mort, Bunda and Cooyong streets)

The online version of the Canberra Times article is reproduced below:  

Plan for $200m Civic ‘towers’

An entire city block in the heart of Canberra may be demolished and rebuilt in a more than $200million development, further changing the Civic skyline by doubling the height of the existing buildings.

The proposal is for two office and retail towers to be built on the land one of 12 storeys, the other of nine storeys. The existing buildings on the block are six storeys.

The prime piece of real estate fronts Northbourne Avenue and is bordered by Mort, Bunda and Cooyong streets.

Concerns are already being raised about its impact on car parking in Civic with a traffic study for the proposed development saying it will generate an additional 500 vehicles during morning peak hour but maintaining that the impact on congestion will be minimal.

The full article was available in the print edition of the The Canberra Times

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