AINSLIE Development Application: 201221092 Address: NO ADDRESS Block: 12 Section: 100

Proposal: PUBLIC WORK – TELECOMMUNICATIONS – ANTENNA. Proposed replacement of 3 existing 3GIS panel antennas with 3 new VHA panel antennas (dimensions 1916 x 262 x 139mm) antennas & existing turret mount to be replaced with a new 3.3m turret mount. Relocation of existing Telstra panel antennas to new turret mount above the existing mount. New mount will be 2.85m in height. Installation of a new 2.5m x 3.0m outdoor equipment shelter on concrete piers, adjacent to the 3GIS lease area, as well as a VHA 450mm wide cable tray with support post to connect to the base of the existing steel monopole. Proposed VHA feeder cables to run internally to the pole. Period for representations closes: 07/03/2012
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