Agenda: General Meeting 7pm 18 May 2022 

Agenda: General Meeting 7pm 18 May 2022 

Agenda: General Meeting 7pm 18 May 2022
Online via Zoom

Meeting ID: 865 1791 3139

Passcode: 571 054

Minute taker for the meeting:




Rebecca Vassarotti MLA, Minister for the Environment, and Peter Cain MLA, Shadow Minister for Planning and Land Management, will join the meeting to listen in and participate in a discussion on the NCCC perspective on Draft Variation 369 (Living Infrastructure in Residential Zones), relating to the management of trees in Canberra’s urban landscape (more details on the variation are available here).


  1. Confirmation of previous Committee Meeting minutes
    1. March (draft minutes attached to the email)


  1. Chair’s report
  2. Covering absences for NCCC office bearers over 2022
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Other business
    1. Response to resident’s query regarding pet noise/dog barking in strata blocks.

Close of meeting

Committee meetings and general meetings are held on alternative months. The next General meeting will be held on 20 July.

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