ACT Policing: Police to focus on underage drinking at Skyfire

ACT Policing: Police to focus on underage drinking at Skyfire

ACT Policing will be targeting underage drinking and anti-social behaviour at Skyfire tomorrow night (Saturday, March 20), with parents urged to be aware of their children’s whereabouts at all times.

An estimated 130,000 people attended last year’s Skyfire event over Lake Burley Griffin. Of the large crowd, only one adult male was lodged in the Regional Watch House for being intoxicated and disorderly in a public place. However police detained approximately 40 juveniles for intoxication and/or underage drinking.

These minors were held in temporary youth detention areas at the venue, and parents were called to collect them from the event. Similar measures will be in place this year, with police detaining any intoxicated juveniles at City Police Station.

Superintendent Lesa Gale encourages the community to enjoy the Skyfire event, however warned that underage drinking and supplying alcohol to young people would not be tolerated by police.

“We want people to have fun with their family and friends on Saturday, but to also act responsibly. There will be a visible police presence on both sides of the lake, and anyone displaying anti-social behaviour may be placed into police custody.

“It is a serious offence to supply alcohol to children under 18 years old and we encourage parents to be aware of who their children are attending the event with,” Supt Gale said.

Road closures will be in place from noon tomorrow (Saturday) south of the lake along Parkes Place East and Parkes Place West. Roads leading to car parks around Regatta Point and north of the lake will be closed to the public from 7am.

“We would urge drivers to be patient when travelling to and from the event, as there will be road closures and a significant increase in traffic around these times. Police are also reminding those attending the event to not drink and drive, as you will get caught,” Supt Gale said.

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  1. I did go to sky fire (2012) my self with a safe friend but I did see some under age drinkers although I strongly believe that the cops should not tackle children that aren’t even drinking alchol it might look like it but there actually might be drinking something that is safer for children. The cops have gone overboard.


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