ACT Policing: 'Party Smart'

ACT Policing: 'Party Smart'

ACT Policing is encouraging the Canberra community to party smart and safe this festive season by planning ahead and registering details of their party with police.

Superintendent Kate Buggy from ACTP’s Crime Prevention team said that it is important for anyone holding a party to be aware of any potential problems that could arise and to remember they always have a duty of care to their guests.

“If you are planning to host a party and serve alcohol, think about organising transport options for party leavers, including designated drivers to ensure they do not drink and drive. Also be aware of any underage guests, as it is an offence to supply alcohol to anyone under 18,” Supt Buggy said.

Police attended a party at a private residence in Forrest early Sunday morning (22 November) and closed the party down after observing general anti-social behaviour and a large number of intoxicated people outside on the street. The party appeared to have got out of the control of the hosts and police were asked to intervene.

“A little bit of planning and notifying police beforehand can help prevent a celebration with friends from turning into an out of control situation. We saw this on Sunday morning where police were advised of the details of the party earlier in the week and as a result, when a large number of gatecrashers turned up and the hosts became concerned, police were able to assist in regaining control of the situation,” Supt Buggy said.

Police are also reminding the community of the dangers an open guest list can present, especially if invites are sent through a social networking site and can be viewed by anyone.

“Anyone planning to hold a party should have a set guest list, and make it a rule that anyone who is not invited does not get in. You should also encourage guests not to invite others. It is also advisable to consider having some kind of security which can discourage unwelcome gatecrashers particularly when parties involve large groups of young people. It’s important too, to have a definite plan as to how to deter unwelcome guests, and to advise police of any issues sooner rather than later,” Supt Buggy said.

Other things to consider when planning a party:

  • Notify your neighbours and be aware of the potential impact of noise on others;
  • Make sure you set a start and finish time for the party;
  • And provide police with a contact number for the party organiser.

To inform police of your upcoming party and register your details, contact ACTP Operations on 131 444.

Further information including the ‘Party Smart’ booklet is available from the AFP website at

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