ACT Policing: Honest return after cash blows in the wind

ACT Policing has praised the honesty of a woman who collected and returned a significant quantity of cash which had gone missing from a Braddon business over the weekend.

The Hackett woman had been driving on Elouera Street in Braddon on Saturday (April 17) around 2.40pm when she was surprised to find a large quantity of cash in bills, receipts and a till reconciliation sheet blowing in the air.

The receipts identified a nearby business which had closed for the day, so the woman, together with another bystander, scooped up the bills and handed in the cash – nearly $5500 in total – at the City Police Station front office.

The grateful owner of the business was contacted and she attended City Police Station’s front office. It was thought that the proprietor of the store may have placed a container with the cash inside on the roof of her car whilst loading it, then forgot the container was there and drove away.

Ownership of the cash was verified by police and the money returned.

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