ACT Policing: Drunken brawlers in city; seven taken into custody (5 February 2010)

ACT Policing: Drunken brawlers in city; seven taken into custody (5 February 2010)

Four ACT Policing caged vehicles and up to a dozen officers responded to a series of disturbances within Mooseheads nightclub on London Circuit, Civic early Friday morning (Friday, February 5).

The incident occurred around 2.20am, when police were called to the premises where two males were taken into protective custody for being intoxicated and disorderly.

In the following minutes, two separate fights broke out which required police to intervene and physically restrain the offenders with handcuffs. Four men were then taken into custody as a result of these incidents.

A short time later at the same location, police took a seventh male into custody for being intoxicated and disorderly.

North District Superintendent Mick Calatzis said that incidents such as this, all occurring within minutes of each other, were an example of how many police resources were used up to deal with the problems fuelled by excessive alcohol.

“In this case, our officers had to deal with heavily intoxicated people at risk, and intoxicated aggressive males who refused to obey police direction,” Supt Calatzis said.

“The common pattern here is the excessive consumption of alcohol and how it affects people’s judgement, and puts people at risk. It also puts police at risk because our officers who have to deal with people who have lost all self-control and self-respect.”

“ACT Policing discussed these alcohol-related issues with licencees in December and in light of this and other similar incidents, we will elevate the dialogue with the key stakeholders involved to try to develop some solutions which prevent incidents like this occurring.”

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