ACT Government launches Community Engagement Online website

Community Engagement Online
Community Engagement Online

The ACT Government has launched a new web initiative “Community Engagement Online“.

It appears that the ACT Government has recognized the value that the North Canberra Community website has been providing to the local community over the last eight months. We have consistently provided a “single online source” where individuals can find consolidated and relevant information pertinent to the North Canberra district.

The new ACT Government run website provides a super-set of information relevant to the entire Territory in regard to government driven community engagement activities.

The North Canberra Community Council website will continue to provide information on local current activities, announcements, news and current events, topical issues as well as government community engagement activities. We see the new Community Engagement Online site as complementary to the services we have already been providing.

We encourage our readers to explore the new Community Engagement Online web site at the following address:

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