ABC News: Curfew only solution to airport noise: residents

ABC News: Curfew only solution to airport noise: residents

Aircraft NoiseABC News is reporting that the Canberra Airport is reacting defensively knowing that it has issues regarding noise from its proposed 24 hour freight hub.

Whilst the Canberra Airport has published selective information regarding the effects of aircraft noise on a number of areas affecting Canberra and local region, the information is deliberately misleading as it is for newer passenger aircraft and not older, noisier aircraft that are most commonly used for actual freight operations.

Aircraft used for freight operations, for the most part, are older aircraft that are converted after they have served out their useful life in passenger service. Because of their age, freight aircraft are highly unlikely to have the quieter engines and noise abatement modifications as fitted to the latest passenger aircraft.

The ABC article is reproduced below:

Curfew only solution to airport noise: residents

Canberra Airport is trying to hose down community concerns about noise from its proposed 24 hour freight hub.

The airport has faced a barrage of criticism from resident groups since the Federal Government gave the green light for the expansion in August.

The final master plan includes a ban on all overnight aircraft operations over parts of Canberra, known as ‘noise abatement areas’.

The airport has now included an online interactive tool on its website where residents can type in their address to find out what impact aircraft noise will have on them.

Spokesman Andrew Leece says the airport is taking an honest, open approach to the problem.

“We want to work with the community to try to see if there’s any resolution to aircraft noise we can actually put in place for them,” he said.

Mr Leece says he does not expect it will bring all resident groups on side

The Curfew for Canberra group says the airport’s attempts to tackle community concerns will not fix the real problem.

Spokesman Brian Brown says there is no guarantee that the no-fly zone will be enforced.

“The master plan allows the airport to land hundreds of jet freighters every single night,” he said.

“Only a curfew will ensure a good night sleep for the residents of Canberra.”

Mr Brown says noise issues are only going to become more problematic.

“So long as there is not an 11:00pm to 6:00am curfew, we’re always going to have problems with night time noise with the amount of planes that are destined to come into Canberra so close to established residential homes in Hackett and Watson and those newer ones out at the Kingston foreshore,” he said.

The Canberra Airport noise impact tool can be viewed online

To use the interactive tool you will require a copy of Google Earth (20Mb+ download)

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