Agenda: North Canberra Community Council General Meeting – TUESDAY 17 May 2016

Agenda: North Canberra Community Council General Meeting
7.30 pm TUESDAY 17 May 2016

Majura Function Room Majura Community Centre, 2 Rosevear Place Dickson

The North Canberra Community Council is supported and funded by the ACT Government.

    Emma Thomas, Director-General, Capital Metro Agency
    [Note that Minister Meegan Fitzharris is unable to attend.]
    1. Attendance and Apologies
    2. Confirm minutes of previous General Meeting
    3. Declaration of Committee conflicts of interestM
      1. Mike Hettinger: ACT Labor party member. O’Connor Community Inc.; voting member of the Labor Club
      2. Leon Arundell: Living Streets & Conservation Council
      3. Greg Zwajgenberg: Brindabella Christian College.
      4. Marcus Hipkins: lives on Chisholm St, which may be affected by traffic issues.
      5. Geoff Davidson: member of the Environmental Defender’s Office.
      6. Denis O’Brien. ALP member.
    1. Committee decisions since the previous General Meeting
    2. Treasurer’s report
    3. Residents’ Associations
    4. Combined Community Councils
    5. Draft Transport Policy
    6. Capital Metro Community Reference Groups – Civic and Dickson
    7. Dickson Section 72, “Parklands”
    8. Planning and Development Forum
    9. Community Aviation Consultative Group
    10. Proposed changes to the NCCC Constitution
    11. Discussion of a paper on constitutional changes that are proposed for the October 2016 Annual General Meeting.
    1. Motion: placement of 40 km/h signs – The North Canberra Community Council requests the ACT Government to review the placement of 40 km/h speed limit signs in the Dickson Shopping Centre, and introduce complementary road markings, to improve compliance with the 40 km/h speed limit.
    2. Motion: pedestrian crossing on Majura Avenue – The North Canberra Community Council requests the ACT Government to install a pedestrian crossing of Majura Avenue, between Cowper Street and Wakefield Avenue.”
    3. Motion: Draft North Canberra Community Council Transport Position Paper. – “The North Canberra Community Council endorses the draft transport position paper that was circulated prior to the meeting.”

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