Location Map for Pialligo
Location Map for Pialligo

Pialligo (postcode: 2609) is a rural suburb of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. The name Pialligo has been used for the area since at least 1820, and is probably of Aboriginal origin. It was also the name for the parish in the area. Streets in Pialligo are named with Aboriginal words.

Beltana Road in Pialligo is home to many of Canberra’s nurseries. Canberra International Airport is located adjacent to Pialligo across Pialligo Avenue.

The population count of Pialligo on census night 2016 was 120 people.

Most Recent 5 Pialligo Development Applications

planningalertsThe latest public Environment and Planning Directorate – Planning notifications can also be accessed from their site. The following is an extract of the public applications selected by NCCC that principally relate to Pialligo or have an impact on North Canberra or its residents; the extract may not be complete and does not contain development applications that are not publicly notified.

Address: 20 Kallaroo Road, Pialligo, ACT

Development Application: 202037682

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR FARM TOURISM - Construction of ancillary guesthouse development comprising of 20 single storey cabins to the central Northern section of the property, associated car parking, access ways, servicing, landscaping and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2020-12-09

Address: 12 Beltana Road, Pialligo, ACT

Development Application: 201834224

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR 1 NEW RESIDENCE - proposal for a second single storey dwelling with attached garage, detached studio, swimming pool, driveway, landscaping and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2018-11-09

Address: 24 Beltana Road, Pialligo, ACT

Development Application: 201833262

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR ADDITIONS AND ALTERATIONS TO COMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT - additions and alterations to include construction of a new single storey retail showroom, glass house, sheds and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2018-07-13

Address: 14 Beltana Road, Pialligo, ACT

Development Application: 201731704

Desecription: LEASE VARIATION to increase the maximum permitted area and gross floor area for the individual ancillary uses of produce market from 50m2 to 100m2, restaurant from 50m2 to 250m2 and shop from 50m2 to 100m2
Comment closure date: 2018-02-19

Address: 2 Beltana Road, Pialligo, ACT

Development Application: 201732407

Desecription: LEASE VARIATION. To vary the lease to include animal care facility, open space, transport facility, outdoor recreation facility and tourist facility (excluding service station) to the list of permissible uses.
Comment closure date: 2017-11-10

(Note: Earlier Development Applications can be seen by accessing the ACTPLA website or by going to PlanningAlerts. Note ACTPLA do remove access to the development application documentation some time after the DA closes, but PlanningAlerts do retain some basic historical information.)