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Location Map for Lyneham
Location Map for Lyneham

Lyneham is a suburb of Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory. It is named after Sir William Lyne, premier of the Australian state of New South Wales from 1899 to 1901. The suburb was gazetted in 1928, but development did not commence until 1958. Like many other suburbs in inner Canberra, it is currently undergoing gentrification.

The population count of Lyneham on census night 2021 was 5,703 people.

Community Groups:

Lyneham Community Association

Most Recent 5 Lyneham Development Applications

planningalertsThe latest public Environment and Planning Directorate – Planning notifications can also be accessed from their site. The following is an extract of the public applications selected by NCCC that principally relate to Lyneham or have an impact on North Canberra or its residents; the extract may not be complete and does not contain development applications that are not publicly notified.

Address: 1 Barton Highway, 455 Northbourne Avenue, Lyneham, ACT

Development Application: 202342316

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR DEMOLITION - demolition of the existing buildings, services, hard stand driveway area and nominated landscaping, tree removal and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2023-12-08

Address: 4 Mackennal Street, Lyneham, ACT

Development Application: 202342102

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR STUDIO - Construction of a new studio to be used as an extension of the existing residence and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2023-10-06

Address: Northbourne Avenue, Mouat Street, Thurbon Road, Lyneham, ACT

Development Application: 202341861

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR SUBSTATION - CANBERRA LIGHT RAIL - installation of substation to support the Canberra Light Rail network, new paving areas for vehicular access, gate and bollards, landscaping works, construction of a screening enclosure and lighting, installation and relocation of electrical and telecommunications service conduits, installation of drainage infrastructure, reinstatement of car park paving, grassed areas and existing shared path along the Northbourne Avenue verge and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2023-09-01

Address: 66 Wattle Street, Hall Street, Lyneham, ACT

Development Application: 202240539

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT - construction of 12 townhouses comprising two and three-storeys with attached garages, new verge crossing and internal driveway, on-street visitor carparking, landscaping and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2023-08-23

Address: 1 Barton Highway, 455 Northbourne Avenue, Lyneham, ACT

Development Application: 202341415

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR ESTATE DEVELOPMENT PLAN - Estate Development Plan for the creation of 15 development blocks and 7 communal blocks over three stages totalling 22 blocks, to be contained within a community title scheme, construction of a new public Road 00 at the intersection of Northbourne Avenue and Swinden Street, internal access roads (within community title blocks), associated service utilities, tree removals, earthworks, verge landscaping and associated works. The proposal also includes ongoing provisions for consideration and inclusion into the Lyneham Precinct Map and Code.
Comment closure date: 2023-07-28

(Note: Earlier Development Applications can be seen by accessing the ACTPLA website or by going to PlanningAlerts. Note ACTPLA do remove access to the development application documentation some time after the DA closes, but PlanningAlerts do retain some basic historical information.)