Location Map for Canberra City

Location Map for Canberra City

City Centre or Civic (postcode: 2601) is the central business district of Canberra, Australia’s capital city. The city centre was officially established in 1927. It was meant to be called Civic Centre from Walter Burley Griffin’s plan with a corresponding “Market Centre” located at what is now Russell, but Prime Minister Stanley Bruce vetoed the idea and it became officially known as City Centre, and the idea of the “Market Centre” was abandoned. However, City Centre is still most commonly referred to as “Civic”.┬áThe population of Civic on census night 2001 was 1,413 people.

Most Recent 15 Canberra City Development Applications

planningalertsThe latest public Environment and Planning Directorate – Planning notifications can also be accessed from their site. The following is an extract of the public applications selected by NCCC that principally relate to Canberra City or have an impact on North Canberra or its residents; the extract may not be complete and does not contain development applications that are not publicly notified.

Address: 80 Bunda Street, City, ACT

Development Application: 201833481

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR A 16 STOREY MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - Demolition of the existing building; Construction of a 16 storey mixed use building and 2 level basement, comprising of a commercial hotel development containing 233 hotel suites, other commercial tenancies, signage and associated works; Variation to the lease to permit hotel and change pavement requirements.
Comment closure date: 2018-05-21

Address: Bunda Street, City, ACT

Development Application: 201323283

Desecription: COMMERCIAL-ALTERATION. Proposed alteration to windows in existing "Platypus" store external walls.
Comment closure date:

Address: 177 Bunda Street, City, ACT

Development Application: 201222487

Desecription: COMMERCIAL - DOBINSONS BAKERY - ADDITIONS. Proposed expansion into the adjacent tenancy. Associated works to include part demolition of existing facade of both tenancies and construction of a new combined facade and internal work.
Comment closure date:

Address: 73 London Circuit, City, ACT

Development Application: 201222356

Desecription: SIGNAGE - HERITAGE - Installation of under awning signs for the Canberra Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Clinic to be added to the soffit of the Melbourne Building pedestrian walkway, adjacent to the Canberra Osteopathy entrance.
Comment closure date:

Address: 221 Bunda Street, City, ACT

Development Application: 201221283

Desecription: NONR-COMMERCIAL-DEMOLITION-ADDITIONS. Proposed additions to Canberra Centre. Partial demolition of existing carpark. Lease Variation. Please see application form for details.
Comment closure date: 2012-04-24

Address: 34 University Avenue, City, ACT

Development Application: 201121033

Desecription: COMMUNITY FACILITY - ADDITION - THEATER. Proposed addition of ground floor offices and rehearsal space with provision for a first floor void space.
Comment closure date: 2012-02-13

Address: 17 Constitution Avenue, City, ACT

Development Application: 201121034

Desecription: COMMERCIAL - PHOTO VOLTAIC SOLAR PANELS. Proposed installation of Photo Voltaic Solar Panels on the roof of the rooftop plant room. Area of panel approx. 490 square metres.
Comment closure date: 2012-02-06

Address: 221 London Circuit, City, ACT

Development Application: 201120961

Desecription: SIGNAGE - OFFICE - CAPGEMINI. Proposed installation of external sign on high rise building
Comment closure date: 2012-01-31

Address: 24 Barry Drive, City, ACT

Development Application: 201120853

Desecription: SIGNAGE. Proposal is to seek approval for signage associated with ANU Student Accommmodation and associated retail and services on the subject site in City West. Includes 17 under Awning signs for each shop, 2 Awning/Fascia signs providing name of building, 9 Information signs providing directions for carparking and 3 Pylon/Column Territory signs providing general Heritage and directional information.
Comment closure date: 2011-12-23

Address: 71 Northbourne Avenue, City, ACT

Development Application: 201120641

Desecription: COMMERCIAL-ADDITION. New timber slat screening with structural steel framing fixed to concrete slab and a heavy duty large PVC roller blind fixed to existing ceiling to the front.
Comment closure date: 2011-11-09

Address: 49 Northbourne Avenue, City, ACT

Development Application: 201120556

Desecription: NONR-ADDITIONS-ALTERATIONS. Proposal is for for the replacement of existing doorway to rear of premises to Odgen Lane.
Comment closure date: 2011-09-30

Address: 35 Northbourne Avenue, City, ACT

Development Application: 201120030

Desecription: COMMERCIAL-COMMONWEALTH BANK-ADDITION-ATM. Proposed additional ATM to shopfront
Comment closure date: 2011-08-19

Address: 7 Mort Street, City, ACT

Development Application: 201120408

Desecription: SIGNAGE. Installation of 2 new non illuminated high rise building signs to front of building.
Comment closure date: 2011-08-17

Address: 125 Bunda Street, City, ACT

Development Application: 201120272

Desecription: MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT - COMMERCIAL - OFFICE - RESIDENTIAL - 300 NEW UNITS - THE CANBERRA CENTRE - ADDITIONS - CAR PARK. Proposed demolition of the existing Canberra Centre outdoor car park along Cooyong Street and construction of a new mixed use development with multiple towers, 14 storeys in height comprising: two basement levels of car parking; ground and first floor commercial tenancies with pedestrian access bridges across Narellan Street to Section 84 City, the Canberra Centre; third floor above ground car parking with a vehicular access bridge across Scotts Crossing to the existing Canberra Centre car park, Section 97 City; and eleven storeys consisting of office space and 300 residential units. Includes addition of new car park levels to the existing Canberra Centre upper floor car park structure, Section 97 City.
Comment closure date: 2011-08-12

Address: 55 Northbourne Avenue, City, ACT

Development Application: 201120305

Desecription: LEASE VARIATION. Please see the application form for full lease variation details.
Comment closure date: 2011-08-08

(Note: Earlier Development Applications can be seen by accessing the ACTPLA website or by going to PlanningAlerts. Note ACTPLA do remove access to the development application documentation some time after the DA closes, but PlanningAlerts do retain some basic historical information.)