Latest DAs

44 Rivett Street, Hackett, ACT – Closes: 2022-12-13;

Description: PROPOSAL FOR GARAGE - conversion of gym room to a new garage, landscaping and associated works.

60 Anzac Park, Campbell, ACT – Closes: 2022-12-13;

Description: PROPOSAL FOR COURTYARD WALL - the construction of a new courtyard wall, landscaping and associated works.

2 Piddington Street, Watson, ACT – Closes: 2022-12-07;

Description: PROPOSAL FOR DWELLING ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS - partial demolition of the existing garage and carport, alterations and additions including detached extension to existing dwelling, deck, stairs, landscaping and associated works.

455 Northbourne Avenue, Lyneham, ACT – Closes: 2022-12-14;

Description: PROPOSAL FOR SIGNAGE AND LEASE VARIATION - Installation of a new flagpole sign, Lease Variation for the subdivision of the block and associated works.

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