North Canberra Community Council


The North Canberra Community Council has a committee that is elected annually by the community of North Canberra. NCCC will consider all sides and positions on community issues and will endeavour to convey the concerns of the community to the government.

The committee comprises:

  • Chairperson – Jochen Zeil – Email:
  • Deputy Chairperson – Vacant
  • Secretary – Ian Hubbard – Email:
  • Treasurer – Bruce Smith – Email:
  • Media coordinator: Marcus Hipkins – Email:
  • Committee Members:
    • Ainslie:    Marcus Hipkins, Ian Hubbard
    • Braddon:  Ernestine Kirsch
    • Campbell Comm. Assoc.:    Margaret Dudley
    • Dickson Residents Group:   Jane Goffman
    • Downer Comm. Assoc.:    Leon Arundell
    • Hackett Comm. Assoc.:    Chris Mobbs ; Brook Clinton
    • Lyneham Comm. Assoc.:    Gordon McAllister
    • O’Connor: Stephen Goodwin
    • Reid Resident Assoc.:     Marianne Albury-Colless
    • Turner:  Neil Parsons
    •  Watson Comm. Assoc.:    Simon Clarke

NCCC Working Groups:

NCCC supports several working groups, specifically with attendance by a NCCC Committee Member or ordinary member as a representative on the working group. The working groups evolve and change on an as needs basis.

Examples include:

  • Section 72 Dickson Working Group
  • The Canberra Airport Aircraft Noise Consultative Forum.
  • Transport Working Group
  • The Hackett Round Table Working Group

The committee manages the day to day operations of the NCCC. This involves attending meetings to represent the community, dealing with phone calls, emails, letters and responses to submissions.

Members can nominate for a position on the Committee. Nominations for Committee positions should be signed by a Nominator and a Seconder, and accepted by the Nominee, as per the Committee Nomination Form. The Signed nomination forms should be submitted to the Secretary a week or more prior to the Annual General Meeting. Click for a nomination form.