Walter Burley Griffin Society: Submission in relation to the Majura Parkway Draft EIS

Walter Burley Griffin Society logoThe North Canberra Community Council has obtained permission from the Walter Burley Griffin Society Inc, to republish their submission on the Majura Parkway EIS.

The Walter Burley Griffin Society was established in 1988 as a non-profit association by a group of people inspired by the need to commemorate and promote a better understanding of the lives, ideals, vision  and works of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin. It brings together people living in the communities the Griffins helped to create, scholars, architects, urban planners and members of the general public interested in the Griffin legacy.

The society has made over 35 submissions on matters dealing with the National Capital Authority, including issues such as the Barton, ASIO, West Basin, Immigration Bridge and most recently the Majura Parkway. They have just published a limited edition (10) publication which is a 500 page document with all 35 submissions which would be of interest to the most avid reader of planning issues in central Canberra.

One of the latest of these concerns to the Society is the Majura Parkway EIS. We have obtained permission from the chair of the Canberra branch of the Society to republish this submission on the NCCC website.

Document Synopsis:

‘The Walter Burley Griffin Society Inc. submits the following comment on the Majura Parkway proposal as presented in the EIS. In our view, this major project has far reaching planning and sustainability implications which are not at all accorded appropriate scope, significance or assessment in the draft EIS’.

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