Invitation to Comment: Supermarket Competition (Closing 20 November 2009)

The Chief Minister launched the Martin Review on supermarket competition policy in the ACT on 7 October 2009. At this launch the Chief Minister instructed his Department to provide an implementation plan within three months. The implementation plan will put the 15 recommendations of the supermarket competition policy review into action and will guide future supermarket development in the ACT. Submissions from the ACT community are currently being sought by the Supermarket Competition Coordination Committee. The committee is particularly keen to hear the views of the ACT community on what type of development would be suitable for local and group

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Supermarket competition in the ACT Review

The ACT Government has released the outcomes of the review into supermarket competition policy in the ACT which will help to achieve greater competition and diversity in Canberra’s retail grocery sector. The document is reproduced below:

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Latest DAs

44 Rivett Street, Hackett, ACT - DA: 202241052 Closes: 2022-12-13;

PROPOSAL FOR GARAGE - conversion of gym room to a new garage, landscaping and associated works.

60 Anzac Park, Campbell, ACT - DA: 202240994 Closes: 2022-12-13;

PROPOSAL FOR COURTYARD WALL - the construction of a new courtyard wall, landscaping and associated works.

2 Piddington Street, Watson, ACT - DA: 202241065 Closes: 2022-12-07;

PROPOSAL FOR DWELLING ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS - partial demolition of the existing garage and carport, alterations and additions including detached extension to existing dwelling, deck, stairs, landscaping and associated works.

455 Northbourne Avenue, Lyneham, ACT - DA: 202240879 Closes: 2022-12-14;

PROPOSAL FOR SIGNAGE AND LEASE VARIATION - Installation of a new flagpole sign, Lease Variation for the subdivision of the block and associated works.

23 Dumaresq Street, Dickson, ACT - DA: 202241046 Closes: 2022-12-16;

PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY AND LEASE VARIATION - demolition of the existing dwelling, construction of 2 new single storey dwellings to form a dual occupancy with attached garage, carport, driveways, landscaping and associated works. Lease Variation to subdivide the block into two.

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