Invitation for grant funding applications: The ACT Health GP Development Fund — Round 1 (closing 26 February 2010)

The GP Development Fund is a four-year bi-annual grants pool totalling $4 million for general practices that commit to supporting the attraction, retention and development of the general practice workforce, through providing:

Have your say on GP issues – North Canberra District Forums (23 & 29 June 2009)

A taskforce has been established to investigate GP workforce issues in the ACT. The ACT needs 74 extra full-time GPs to reach the national average of GPs per head of population. There is also evidence that many GPs are choosing to work part-time in their clinical practice, meaning that potentially double the full-time equivalent of GPs may be needed to fill in the gap. The ACT GP Taskforce invites submissions on the issues and innovations posed in the discussion paper titled Issues and Challenges for General Practice and Primary Health Care: A Discussion Paper. There will be a series of …