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Reminder: Invitation to comment on Community Facility Zones (Closing 23 October 2009)

The ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) has released an online discussion paper which examines the Community Facility Zone Development Code and associated development tables. Community facility zones are traditionally associated with things like child care or community centres, cultural facilities and places of worship. The paper (reproduced below) identifies key questions about how the code and table might be revised.

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Invitation to comment: Community Facility Zone Development Code and Table policy review (closing 23 October 2009)

The Community Facility Zone Development Code (CFZDC) and its associated Development Table is currently being reviewed as part of the Territory Plan review. A discussion paper has been released seeking comment from the ACT community about how the code and table might be revised. Key questions have been identified, based on ACTPLA’s recent research and experiences. However these are intended only as a basis for discussion and suggestions about additional potential issues and policy measures are welcome.

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Latest DAs

44 Rivett Street, Hackett, ACT - DA: 202241052 Closes: 2022-12-13;

PROPOSAL FOR GARAGE - conversion of gym room to a new garage, landscaping and associated works.

60 Anzac Park, Campbell, ACT - DA: 202240994 Closes: 2022-12-13;

PROPOSAL FOR COURTYARD WALL - the construction of a new courtyard wall, landscaping and associated works.

2 Piddington Street, Watson, ACT - DA: 202241065 Closes: 2022-12-07;

PROPOSAL FOR DWELLING ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS - partial demolition of the existing garage and carport, alterations and additions including detached extension to existing dwelling, deck, stairs, landscaping and associated works.

455 Northbourne Avenue, Lyneham, ACT - DA: 202240879 Closes: 2022-12-14;

PROPOSAL FOR SIGNAGE AND LEASE VARIATION - Installation of a new flagpole sign, Lease Variation for the subdivision of the block and associated works.

23 Dumaresq Street, Dickson, ACT - DA: 202241046 Closes: 2022-12-16;

PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY AND LEASE VARIATION - demolition of the existing dwelling, construction of 2 new single storey dwellings to form a dual occupancy with attached garage, carport, driveways, landscaping and associated works. Lease Variation to subdivide the block into two.

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