Report from NCCC October 2009 meeting: ACT Cycling and Pedestrian Networks

Report from NCCC October 2009 meeting: ACT Cycling and Pedestrian Networks

Pedestraian Cycling Study location - City
Study area for review of the pedestrian and cycling infrastructure

920x180.jpgOn 21 October Russell Yell of Cardno, Eppell, Olsen gave a presentation to the North Canberra Community Council (NCCC) on a review being undertaken on ACT cycling and pedestrian networks.

The review of Canberra’s commuter bicycle network is part of the Sustainable Transport Action Plan. One of the main priorities of this review is to ensure there is an equal emphasis on the needs of commuter cyclists, recreational cyclists and pedestrians, including visually and mobility impaired people.

As a result of this process a seven year program from 2010-11 to 2016-17 will be developed that will form the basis for capital works programs from 2010-11 onwards. The review will also undertake a more detailed assessment of the requirements for pedestrian and cycling networks in the City, Belconnen,Woden, Tuggeranong and Gungahlin town centres. This will then guide the development of pedestrian and cycle networks for each town centre. The report will also review and develop cycle and pedestrian networks for major employment centres such as Fyshwick, Hume, Mitchell, Barton/Parkes and the Canberra Airport.

Russell’s presentation focused on what the review might mean for North Canberra. He covered a number of issues including:

  • The need to reconfigure cycle and pedestrian routes through and around Civic, by creating a Civic cycle loop. This will include addressing poor crossing points, narrow footpaths, clutter, safety, bike parking, bus stops and disabled access.
  • Developing on-road cycle paths through north Canberra especially linking Ainslie and Lyneham to Civic and the possibility of a recreational cycle link near Majura Road.
  • Better access in and out of the Dickson shopping centre.

There was also discussion about a bicycle path along the base of the Majura/Ainslie nature reserves, although the lack of lighting was seen to be an issue for this.

Public consultation will commence on the 9th November 2009. Following the consultation, the next stage of the review will bring all proposals together, and then prioritise to get the best value for money and achieve the most impact.

More information will be put up on the TAMS website shortly; Russell can be contacted:

The original article published on the NCCC website can be found here: “Upcoming review of Pedestrian and Cycling infrastructure for Civic/City

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