Planning change paves the way for Cooyong Street redevelopment

Planning change paves the way for Cooyong Street redevelopment

ACT Govt Media Release … “A variation to the Territory Plan commenced today that will allow large scale revitalisation of aging public housing stock in Braddon and Reid, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, announced today.

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“This planning change means the ACT Government can begin preparation for an innovative new development with sustainable social, economic and environmental outcomes for the community,” Mr Corbell said.

“Variation 308 provides a great opportunity for thousands of people to live close to their work, shops and entertainment venues.

“This redevelopment will reduce reliance on the motor vehicle for new residents and promote the use of public transport, cycling and walking as alternative transport.

“The variation contains a reduction in the building height to 12 storeys from the original 15 proposed, and the bulk and scale of buildings should not have a negative impact on nearby residents.”

Most of the land subject to the variation is occupied by public housing including Allawah Court, Currong Apartments and Bega Court (Section 52 Braddon and Section 7 Reid) with the remainder of the land occupied by organisations linked to the Catholic Church (Section 57 Braddon).

“As well as higher density residential development the variation includes a requirement for a minimum of 5,800 square metres of space for community facilities to be provided on the site.

“Variation 308 also contains provisions to encourage small scale community uses on the site to meet the convenience needs of residents and to ensure the street frontages are active and vibrant.

“The variation is consistent with the ACT Planning Strategy and the Transport for Canberra policy, which promote urban intensification in strategic locations.”

Variation 308 to Territory Plan includes revisions that respond to community consultation and comments of the the Standing Committee on Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services.

The variation is available on the ESDD website at

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Section: Simon Corbell, MLA | Media Releases

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