North Canberra Community Council

Public Meeting: The Future of Canberra Airport and Impacts for the Community (30 April 2009)

Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens MLA for Molonglo, invites members of the public to attend a community forum to hear about the recently released 2009 Preliminary Draft Master Plan for the airport and discuss issues raised by the community about the plan. When: Thursday, April 30th 2009, Time: 6.00 -8.00pm Where: Reception Room, ACT Legislative Assembly, Civic Square

Invitation for Submissions: ACT Budget 2009-2010

The ACT Legislative Assembly Select Committee on Estimates 2009-2010 is seeking public submissions on the Appropriation Bill 2009-2010, and any revenue estimates proposed by the ACT Government in the 2009-2010 budget The Committee welcomes submissions from all interested parties and members of the public. The Committee would like to receive any submission by 12 May 2009.

Public Consultation: Family and Community Day

Public consultation has opened and will run until 29 May 2009 on the future of the Family & Community Day public holiday. At the time of the original consultation in 2007, community feedback to the Government indicated a range of options including a family orientated public holiday associated with the Melbourne Cup as well as a similar focus for the Territory’s great spring festival, Floriade. The ACT Government is now looking to the future, and to assist in its decision making the would like to know people’s views.

Suggested wording for letters to be sent to MLAs regarding Hackett traffic issues

In the April 2009 Hackett Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter mention was made of a copy of a sample letter being made available online, so it could be copied and sent to the Chief Minister in regard to the Hackett traffic issues. More details of this ongoing issue can be read on this page: Hackett Traffic Issues The sample letter has been reproduced below in both a short and long format. You are encouraged to copy the text below and adapt it as you see fit. Your completed correspondence should be sent to the relevant MLA(s) via either email or traditional post.

Development Applications open to public comment for 17 April 2009

Each week, the North Canberra Community Council is sent a weekly summary of all new significant development applications that are also notified in the Canberra Times and on ACTPLA’s website at the following link: The latest development applications lodged for the North Canberra area and open for comment include:

Reminder: Canberra Airport Draft Master Plan submissions close on 8th May 2009

In accordance with the Airports Act 1996, Canberra International Airport is required to prepare and submit a draft Master Plan for the approval of the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, for a 20 year horizon every five years. An integral part of that process includes the Airport accepting and considering submissions from the public and engaging in community consultation. In November 2008, the Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese rejected Canberra International Airport’s draft master plan on the grounds that it did not provide enough detail on the proposal to develop the airport into a freight hub and the airport’s …