Location Map for Hackett
Location Map for Hackett

Hackett is an Inner North suburb of Canberra. It was named after Sir John Winthrop Hackett (1848-1916), who was a newspaper editor and worker for the Federation of Australia. Streets in Hackett are named after scientists.

Hackett is next to Watson, Dickson and Ainslie. It is bounded by Antill street and Philip avenue, and the Canberra Nature Park of Mt Ainslie/Mt Majura, with Mount Majura located behind Hackett to the east. Hackett has a neighbourhood oval, and shopping centre.

The population count of Hackett on census night 2016 was 2,991 people.

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Most Recent 5 Hackett Development Applications

planningalertsThe latest public Environment and Planning Directorate – Planning notifications can also be accessed from their site. The following is an extract of the public applications selected by NCCC that principally relate to Hackett or have an impact on North Canberra or its residents; the extract may not be complete and does not contain development applications that are not publicly notified.

Address: 16 Mills Place, Hackett, ACT

Development Application: 202240993

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY- demolition of the existing dwelling, garage, driveway and tree removal, construction of 2 dwellings comprising of a single-storey and two-storey residence with attached garages, new driveway verge crossing, landscaping and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2023-02-13

Address: 23 Caldwell Street, Hackett, ACT

Development Application: 202241170

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR NEW DWELLING AND SECONDARY RESIDENCE - Demolition of existing dwelling and structures, construction of a new dwelling and secondary residence, swimming pool, verge works, landscaping and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2023-01-31

Address: 44 Rivett Street, Hackett, ACT

Development Application: 202241052

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR GARAGE - conversion of gym room to a new garage, landscaping and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2022-12-13

Address: 5 Holtze Close, Hackett, ACT

Development Application: 202240914

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS TO EXISTING COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT - alterations and additions including internal renovations, new external double door and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2022-11-28

Address: 11 Harris Place, Hackett, ACT

Development Application: 202240057

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR SUPPORTIVE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT - demolition of the existing dwellings on blocks 27 and 28, construction of 5 new adaptable dwellings comprising of 4 single storey dwellings and carports, and 1 two storey dwelling with attached garage, new driveways, landscaping and associated works. Lease variation to consolidate blocks 27 and 28, change to the purpose clause to remove the number of specified dwellings permitted and to add supportive housing as a permitted use.
Comment closure date: 2022-06-14

(Note: Earlier Development Applications can be seen by accessing the ACTPLA website or by going to PlanningAlerts. Note ACTPLA do remove access to the development application documentation some time after the DA closes, but PlanningAlerts do retain some basic historical information.)