Next Public Meeting 20 March 2013 – Agenda

The next meeting of the North Canberra Community Council is to be held  on Wednesday 20 March 2013 at ACT Sport House 100 Maitland Street Hackett (7:30 – 9:30pm).  The draft agenda is …

Draft Agenda

  1. Chair Introduction
  2. Attendance and Apologies
  3. Presentation by Rebecca Stockley of Knight Frank Town Planning on the Hellenic Club’s proposal to de-concessionalise their lease of its Moore Street Civic premises.
  4. Presentation by Canberra Airport director of planning and public relations Noel McCann to bring us up to date on recent and future development of the Canberra International Airport.
  5. Presentation by Simon Dawkins, the Chief Executive of the Canberra District Rugby League group to explain the group’s plan for a commercial/residential redevelopment of the Braddon Club site.
  6. Table minutes from November 21 2012 forum and discuss any business arising.
  7. Discuss issues for forum to be held on April 17 2013.
  8. Meeting close.

Richard Larson


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