Agenda Next Meeting 15 Feb 23 – Committee Meeting

Agenda Next Meeting 15 Feb 23 – Committee Meeting

Agenda: Committee Meeting 7pm 15 February 2023

Meeting ID: 873 3607 2332
Passcode: 928832

Minute taker for the meeting:




  1. Nominations for NCCC by Campbell Residents’ Association – Margaret Henderson & Margaret Dudley
  2. Chair’s thoughts on NCCC2023
    1. NCCC breathing space?
    2. Independent Planning Advisory Service (IPAS) (Andrew Simon Yellow Edge)
    3. How to engage with Planning Review/District Plans
  1. Consideration of draft NCCC set of principles
  2. NCCC Social media sub-group update
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Other business

Close of meeting

Committee meetings and general meetings are currently held on alternative months. The next  meetings are 15/03/2023 General, 19/04/2023 Committee.

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