Lyneham Shops Works Upgrade

Lyneham Shops Works Upgrade

The North Canberra Community Council has been informed by letter that the Lyneham shops will be undergoing a small scale works upgrade. The consultant for this is Indesco (consulting engineers). They are seeking community input from North Canberra Community Council members. Preliminary design plans will be drawn up following community consultation which ends on December 21. Examples of small scale works includes such things as pavement upgrades; improvements to drainage and lighting; replacing old furniture or minor landscaping work. To participate contact Deborah Matthews from Indesco on phone number 6161 2554.

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  1. Inadequate short-term parking and lack of enforcement of the existing short-term parking is a major problem at Lyneham shops. There is no reason for unrestricted parking as an integral part of a shopping centre. The shop workers can afford to park 200m away in the surrounding suburban streets, or come by to work by public transport.

    Chris Emery

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