Invitation to comment: Sustainable Transport Action Plan 2010-16

Invitation to comment: Sustainable Transport Action Plan 2010-16

Territory and Municipal Services logoThe ACT Government has released the Strategic Public Transport Network Plan which was launched at a Sustainable Transport Round table attended by over 70 community leaders on Monday 27 July, 2009.

The Plan has been developed by leading transport planning expert Jarrett Walker from McCormack Rankin Cagney, and sets the vision for how public transport in Canberra could operate by 2031, and would help the ACT meet its sustainable transport target of 16percent of work trips on public transport by 2026.

The Plan includes designs for Rapid, Frequent Local, Peak and Coverage services, where:

  • Rapid services are frequent and fast all day with services every 15 minutes or better and less stops, similar to the current inter-town bus routes;
  • Frequent Local services have many stops, serve continuous high-density areas, connect to rapid services at town centres and major centres, like the current services on Northborne Ave;
  • Peak Express are non-stop services from town centres to worksites, operating in peak commuter hours only, similar to the current Xpresso services; and
  • Coverage services are all-day service every 30-60 minutes, covering low-density areas where relatively low patronage is inevitable. They connect all suburbs to their nearest town centre.

The Plan also raises three key questions, which the Government is seeking the community’s input on. These questions go to what is the level of public transport services which our community expects in the future:

  1. whether the Frequent Network, that is the Rapid and Frequent Local services?
  2. is in the right place?
  3. and how much Coverage service do Canberrans need and expect in the future?

Community feedback on the Plan will form the basis of the ACT Public Transport Strategy which is a key part of the ACT Government’s Sustainable Transport Action Plan 2010-2016.

A sustainable transport survey is also available online from:

Public consultation sessions are listed below:

Public Transport Consultation Open House
Date: Monday 10 August 2009
Venue: Canberra Museum and Gallery, London Circuit Civic
Time: 12 noon to 4pm, drop in any time, hourly presentations

Public Transport Workshops

Workshop 1
Date: Tuesday 11 August 2009
Venue:Belconnen Premier Inn, Benjamin Way Belconnen
Time:7pm to 9pm

Workshop 2
Date:Wednesday 12 August 2009
Venue:Hellenic Club, Matilda St Woden
Time:7pm to 9pm

The Sustainable Transport Action Plan will be finalised before the 2010-11 Budget, with proposals and actions to be considered as part of the budget process.

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