Hackett: Roads ACT Rules out Pedestrian Crossing on Madigan Street

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Over the last couple of years the Hackett Community Association has been discussing with Roads ACT the need for a pedestrian crossing on Madigan Street near the shops.

Residents have been concerned about the volume and speed of the traffic on Madigan Street during the morning peak period. This is of particular concern for older residents in the suburb.

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com.au/maps/sv?cbp=11,206.73,,0,7.05&cbll=-35.247849,149.163348&v=1&panoid=&gl=au&hl=&w=425&h=240]

Roads ACT has now formally responded:

Roads ACT undertook a Roads safety Audit in some locations in Hackett and Watson in June 2009 and a possible pedestrian crossing on Madigan Street near the Hackett Shop was assessed in the audit. The audit shows that the traffic in Madigan Street is not a concentrated platoon and there are frequent gaps in the stream that provide opportunity for pedestrians to cross. This is in addition to the wide median which provides which enables pedestrians to cross in two stages.

Considering the outcome of the audit report, the location near the shop does not meet the requirement for a formal pedestrian crossing as indicated in Australia Standard.

The Hackett Community Association would like to hear from residents if they are still concerned about the lack of a pedestrian crossing and if they would like the Association to pursue this matter. Please ring James Walker on 6247 0951 or email: secretary@northcanberra.org.au

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