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Andrea Madon

    The ACT Government’s Population Projections 2018 – 2058 is only based on a standard model for estimating births, deaths, migrations in and out. The estimates exclude the 37,000 dwellings planned for the Canberra Gateway corridor with an extra 111,000 residents and the infill policy of 500 additional residents in existing suburbs for another 4,500 residents, a total of 115,500 additional residents. It also does not take into account the babies these extra residents will be having in the next 40 years.

    The growth of population in north Canberra published in “Population Projections 2018 – 2058”, ACT Government, in 40 years time is 35,787 to a total of 91,597. This is incorrect as it takes no account of new residential development and the infill policy.