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Alison Kelly

    I object to the City West bus layover being repositioned to Turner Parkland. Canberra was designed as a ‘garden city’ and the ‘bush capital’. This layover will cut down dozens of mature trees existing on the corner of Marcus Clarke and Watson Streets – what plans are there to replace these trees? This will also result in the loss of the parkland and green space with the consequential encroachment of the city into our parklands and suburbs. The loss of street parking and city parking will also cause issues for residents of Turner that already suffer from an acute lack of available parking for any visitors they may have. Where will the Senior Citizens park? What provisions will be made for the loss of disability parking spaces along Watson Street? Where will parents park when attending the adjacent Day Care Centre? These are questions that must be answered prior to any major change to urban open spaces such as this. Answering them requires considerable public consultation, which has been conspicuously lacking. Please halt this development and allow public consultation in order to resolve the issues raised by concerned Canberrans and Turner residents.