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    Thank you North Canberra Community Council and Sarah. I agree completely with Sarah that we need to double our fleet and fix the Public Transport that has been long neglected in Canberra. Below 6 things is what needs to happen urgently for Canberra Public Transport.

    1. Dedicated School Buses, Express Buses linking all Town Centres and frequent Weekend Services must be started immediately. Our children deserve dedicated School Buses for each School rather than mixing them up with regular Buses.

    2. I have to travel to Woden Hospital for my medical appointment that takes me 6 trips which is most frustating. Due to the inefficient and horrendous Public Transport network, travel time is 4 hours for an appointment of half an hour. The least the ACT Government is link all the Town Centres via direct Express buses.

    3. Biggest concern remains the lack of buses in Canberra. The population of Canberra has doubled from 210k to 420K yet the fleet size remains the same. 800 more buses must be procured for Canberra to cater for the growing population as Public Transport is the lifeline of Canberra.

    4. Bus shelters and digital displays for all bus stops, real time information displayed digitally at all stops so that customers can see when the next bus is coming and plan their journey. Every resident should have a bus stop no further than 500 metres.

    5. Sky Rail connecting all suburbs in Canberra built and free shuttle buses to carry passengers to Light Rail stops from all suburbs.

    6. Weekend services with a bus every 10 minutes. A bus every 2 hours is ridiculous and discourages use of Public Transport.