'Fix My Street': report neighbourhood issues online to the ACT Government

Fix My Street is an online reporting facility which provides direct contact to ACT Government Agencies for the reporting of municipal service requests. Residents can submit service requests by choosing from the menu of topics (as listed below). In addition, residents can create an account on the system to track progress of the feedback provided.

Web link for ‘Fix My Street’

Typical issues covered include:

  • Abandoned Vehicles – Report vehicles that have been abandoned on Government land.
  • Air Pollution & Noise – Lodge complaints about activities that result in excessive noise or other air pollution including loud music, building activities, chimney smoke etc.
  • Cycle Paths – Report damaged pavement or obstructions on cycle ways or on-road bicycle lanes.
  • Driveways – Report cracked, lifting or missing pavement. Please refer to the “Answers” section of this service for further information on making changes or alterations to existing driveways.
  • Footpaths – Report cracked, lifting or missing pavement.
  • Garbage Bins & Collections – Report issues with garbage or recycling bin collections. Damaged or stolen bins may be reported on the Canberra Connect website.
  • Graffiti – Report illegal graffiti on assets located on unleased land. Note: The ACT Government is not responsible for the removal of graffiti from Telstra and ACTEW assets, or private property. In those circumstances graffiti should be reported to the asset owner.
  • Grass – Report overgrown grass or weeds on public land.
  • Litter & Illegal Dumping – Report the location and nature of rubbish and debris dumped on public land.
  • Naturestrips – Report nature strip concerns such as line of sight, pedestrian or traffic hazards and unapproved structures.
  • Pot Holes – Report a pothole for repair.
  • Roads – Submit feedback on roads, road maintenance, bridges or other transport related infrastructure.
  • Road Safety – Report or submit feedback on road safety concerns in your street or neighbourhood.
  • Road Signs – Report damaged, faded or missing street signs.
  • Sharps – Used needles and other medical waste found on public land should be phoned through to Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 for urgent collection and disposal.
  • Stormwater – Report stormwater concerns in your area. Note: sewerage and mains water complaints should be directed to ActewAGL on 13 11 93.
  • Street Lights – Report street and public area lighting concerns and outages.
  • Street Sweeping – Report glass, leaves, gravel and other debris on roadways.
  • Suburban Parks & Playgrounds – Report damaged and hazardous trees, equipment or other infrastructure in suburban parks and playgrounds.
  • Traffic – Provide feedback about ‘volume of traffic’ concerns in your street or neighbourhood.
  • Traffic Lights – Submit feedback on traffic signals in your area. If lights are flashing, damaged or missing please call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.
  • Trees & Shrubs – Report trees and shrubs located on Government land that require maintenance. Note: trees on Government land posing an immediate threat to public safety (e.g. fallen across a public roadway) should be phoned through to Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.
  • Other – Provide feedback on other ACT Government services.