DEVELOPMENT Emotions run high at public housing planning discussions

DEVELOPMENT Emotions run high at public housing planning discussions

By Mark Sawa, Canberra Chronicl
Seven more sites have been identified as part of a broad public housing strategy stretching across several parts of the ACT.

Representatives from the Community Services Directorate and the Economic Development Directorate gave presentations on the Draft Omnibus Territory Plan Variation to both the Belconnen Community Council and the North Canberra Community Council last week.

The variation groups 17 individual sites together across Canberra’s north and south.

The government has identified five areas in four suburbs to be redeveloped in Canberra s inner north. These include Downer, Dickson, Watson and Mitchell. Another two areas were identified in Belconnen. These included one in Charnwood on the former fire station site at the corner of Florey Drive and Lhotsky Crescent, and one at Kaleen at the former Bocce Club on Baldwin Drive.

Tensions were high at the North Canberra Community Council meeting with government representatives struggling to get through their presentation as many residents voiced their concerns.

Council deputy chairman Greg Zwajgenberg said if the consultation was not handled well, government plans could be seriously affected by people who well up with discontent.

He said people would get angry and there was a lot of groundswell on what was an emotive issue.

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