Hackett: Roads ACT Rules out Pedestrian Crossing on Madigan Street

Over the last couple of years the Hackett Community Association has been discussing with Roads ACT the need for a pedestrian crossing on Madigan Street near the shops. Residents have been concerned about the volume and speed of the traffic on Madigan Street during the morning peak period. This is of particular concern for older residents in the suburb. [googlemaps http://maps.google.com.au/maps/sv?cbp=11,206.73,,0,7.05&cbll=-35.247849,149.163348&v=1&panoid=&gl=au&hl=&w=425&h=240]

Reminder: Sir John Hackett Essay Competition (Entries close 10 August 2009)

A reminder to all young people living in Hackett and in school years 5-12  that the Sir John Hackett Essay Competition closes on the 10th August 2009. All young people living in Hackett and in school years 5-12 are invited to enter this competition being held by the Hackett Community Association with the support of local schools and the Australian Dictionary of Biography. Essays should be: 250-500 words long for Years 5-6; approximately 600 words for Years 7-8; 900-1000 words for Years 9-10 and 1000-1200 words for Years 11-12. The topic is: “The person after whom your street in Hackett …

Hackett Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter – July 2009

The July 2009 edition of the Hackett Neighbourhood Watch newsletter is now available and residents of the suburb of Hackett will receive a copy of this publication in their letterboxes. The newsletter can also be accessed from the Hackett Neighbourhood Watch page on this website Please note that the deadline for submissions for the next newsletter is Saturday, 25 July 2009.