BRADDON Development Application: 201120830 Address: 48 LOWANNA STREET Block: 4 Section: 6

Proposal: Proposed amendments to DA approval – Amendments include: Amendments are the result of design development to achieve Building Approval.The following numbered amendments are correlated with numbers on drawings. 1. Additional basement stair provided for BCA fire egress compliance. Minor adjustments made to basement to ensure 30% coverage in rear zone not exceeded. 2. Basement lowered 500mm to achieve required head clearances. Associated ramp adjustments. 3. Basement extended under waste enclosure to accommodate relocated disabled carspace. 4. Voids to basement removed to provide Aust Standard compliant ventilation. Exhaust provided at ground. 5. Minor adjustment to SE & SW 1 bedroom apartments at Ground & L1 to provide improved internal and external amenity. No change to GFA. Period for representations closes: 01/07/2013
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