BRADDON Development Application: 201018904 Address: 28 LONSDALE STREET Block: 17 Section: 21

Proposal: Proposed amendments to DA – Amendments include: 1. Apartment storage deleted from level-1 and relocated to basement-02; 2. Visitor car parking in basement-02 re-arranged; 3. Level-1 extended to northern boundary; 4. Extent of ground floor and level-1 commercial tenancies increased (including alterations to ground & level-1 floor layouts); 5.Alterations to level-1 terrace area (extended to the west boundary) and stairs to the terrace from ground level (stairs relocated); 6. Communal facility deleted from ground floor and relocated to Level 2 (level 2 extended to northern boundary) with a pergola above. Period for representations closes: 02/08/2013
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