Braddon customer parking relief on the way

Braddon customer parking relief on the way

Antics Hair, salon manager, Cindy Bryan, says parking in Braddon needs improvement. Photo: Rohan Thomson

RETAILERS in Braddon’s trendy Lonsdale Street may be in for some relief from parking woes soon, with the ACT government negotiating with developers to free up spaces for customers to park.

Canberra Business Council chief Chris Faulks said the area’s booming popularity and construction works had put such a squeeze on car parking that the government needed to step in.

”While we support the ACT government’s promotion of public transport and active transport into the future the reality is that parking is critical for businesses to survive,” she said.

Owner of Antics Hair in Lonsdale Street Ana Cerro said she loved the culture of Braddon but had considered moving her business to another area because of the parking problems.

”We are still open to staying here, but our clients are our priority and the last thing we want them to feel is stressed because of parking,” she said.

”We are looking at moving towards Civic, to use the car parking there.”

The salon’s manager Cindy Bryan (pictured) said hair stylists were very sympathetic to clients who were running late due to parking dramas.

”People are coming in irate and saying they have been driving around for 20 minutes to find a car park,” she said.

”I think we are pretty prepared now for the fact they are going to be late.”

The ACT government’s newly appointed parking co-ordinator-general Ben Ponton said the area was experiencing growing pains but he was trying to find solutions.

”Braddon is a prime example of a city in transition,” he said.

”There is a high level of redevelopment which is in essence a demonstration that government planning policies are working because development opportunities have been taken up and it’s become a more vibrant centre. We are seeing a more grown-up city, but these are the growing pains.

”I have met with four of the largest developers in Braddon to talk to them about how they can create parking for their tradies, which will free up the other spaces for customer parking. I am also asking them to meet with Braddon traders to talk about their issues and options to alleviate the problems.

”We are looking at developers opening up their underground car parks for the tradies to use while construction is still going on above, or getting the tradies to park further away.

”These are things developers are aware of and they already have some solutions in place.”

Article first appeared in The CanberraTimes

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