Agenda: North Canberra Community Council Public Forum

Agenda: North Canberra Community Council Public Forum

Next meeting pf the North Canberra Community Council is 19 February 2014: 7.30pm at ACT Sports House, 100 Maitland Street, Hackett.


  1. Canberra Seniors Centre replacement
    • Feasibility study for CSD on the replacement of the Canberra Seniors Centre at Turner. Peter Johns and Claire Middleton.
  2. Redevelopment of Construction House 271 Northbourne Avenue
    • Peter Byfield + Associates pty ltd.


  • Confirmation of agenda
  • Attendance and Apologies
  • Minutes of previous meetings
    • Public forums 18 September and 20 November 2013
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Redesign of Friends of Mount Majura website
    • Approval to pay $300 invoice for redesign of FoMM’s website.
  • Summernats
    • Sharon Palmer, Padma Menon, Chris Wills
  • Community Aviation Consultation Group
    • Representation on the Group; Agenda items for Community Aviation Consultation Group meeting 20 Feb 2014; Draft Community Aviation Consultation Group Terms of Reference.
  • Report on Braddon Club and Northbourne Oval appeals
  • Vandalism of street trees
    • replacement of street trees cut down by the ACT Government and those lost to natural causes.
  • Report from Combined Community Councils meeting 15 February
    • Including Community Council concerns about use of technical amendments to make complex Territory Plan variations.

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