The North Canberra Community Council strives to communicate with residents, politicians and staff in government departments and agencies. We also actively seek to communicate with other community organisations operating in North Canberra. NCCC has a variety of methods of publicising its activities and communicating with residents.

Occasional columns are written in the free local newspaper The Northside Chronicle. Press releases are sent to the media to cover significant issues and events. An electronic newsletter is sent to those who supply their email address to the NCCC via our email address at or by using our on-line contact form. A website is maintained at and you can also subscribe to items by using our RSS feed.

Draft North Canberra Community Council digital communication policies and procedures

  • Public General Meetings of the North Canberra Community Council (NCCC) will ordinarily be live streamed on the NCCC’s YouTube channel.
    • Live streaming is intended to make the meeting accessible to people who cannot attend the meeting in person. It is also designed to make to meeting more accessible to a younger audience.
    • YouTube is the second most popular website in the world after It allows high resolution live streams and real time online viewer participation. Of the 86 NCCC meeting recordings that are publicly available, 77 of them are currently hosted on YouTube.
    • The live stream will be focused on the Chair or guest presenters with video of audience members minimised where possible. Audio of questions or comments from audience members will be recorded and streamed.
    • Requests not to live stream segments of the meeting for privacy, legal or other reasons will be considered and determined by the Chair of the meeting.
  • Recordings of the live stream will ordinarily be made public on the NCCC’s YouTube channel 24 hours after the close of the meeting.
    • Recordings are intended to make meetings accessible to people who are unable to attend the meeting or view the live stream.
    • Meeting participants may view a recording of a live stream before it is made public. Requests for such a viewing may be made to the NCCC Media Coordinator
    • Requests may be made to the NCCC Media Coordinator that a segment of a recording not be made public. The NCCC Media Coordinator may decide not to make the segment public if the privacy, legal or other reason for restricting public access to the segment outweighs the benefits of public access to the full meeting recording.
  • Meeting agendas and approved minutes of meetings will be forwarded by the NCCC Secretary to the website manager (and copied to the NCCC Media Coordinator) to be available on the NCCC website. Any other newsworthy material may be sent to the Media Coordinator for inclusion on the NCCC website or other media platforms as appropriate.

November 2019

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