ABC News: Canberra Airport to 'shoulder Sydney overload' (Aircraft Noise)

ABC News: Canberra Airport to 'shoulder Sydney overload' (Aircraft Noise)

Aircraft NoiseABC News is reporting that the Canberra Airport is extolling  its curfew free status to become the defacto second airport for Sydney as well as indicating an almost obscene willingness to take excess air traffic from Newcastle, Bankstown and Richmond.

The North Canberra Community Council has consistently campaigned for the introduction of a night-time curfew at Canberra Airport to protect the amenity of residents.

The airports eagerness to accept additional air traffic simply confirms the Council’s fears that Canberra Airport will use its curfew free status for dumping night-time aircraft movements in to Canberra. These aircraft movements would not be permitted in Sydney because of night-time curfew restrictions.

The ABC article is reproduced below:

Canberra Airport to ‘shoulder Sydney overload’

Canberra Airport says it doubts there will ever be a second Sydney airport.

The Federal Government will release its aviation white paper in the coming weeks, outlining the terms of reference for a joint New South Wales/Commonwealth study into possible sites.

The Canberra Airport is currently undergoing a $350 million terminal upgrade which will transform it into a 24-hour freight hub.

Managing director Stephen Byron has talked up Canberra Airport as a potential solution to solving Sydney’s need for a second airport.

He says Canberra already meets most of the criteria needed and is well-placed to shoulder Sydney’s aviation overload.

He has told a New South Wales Transport summit that Canberra may never be formally recognised as Sydney’s second airport but it is certainly a second airport for NSW.

“There probably never will be a true second Sydney Airport – rather a number of existing airports will handle some elements of Sydney’s growth, some elements of Sydney’s aviation demand,” he said.

“These will include Newcastle and perhaps Bankstown and Richmond to a small degree.

“But Canberra will shoulder the greatest share of that growth over time.”

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  1. Has everyone forgotten us poor residents in North Ryde copping heaps of unnecessary aircraft noise. Can’t stand it any more. Such a big country and they plonk an airport in its major city. Not the lucky country… The stupid country!!!!!


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