Location Map for O'Connor
Location Map for O’Connor

O’Connor is an Inner North suburb in Canberra, Australia. It lies between the suburbs of Lyneham and Turner. It was named after Richard Edward O’Connor (1851-1912), who was a judge in the High Court and a founder of the Australian constitution. Street names in O’Connor are named after explorers, Australian flora, legislators and pioneers. The suburb was gazetted on 20 September 1928.

O’Connor is bounded by Wattle and David streets, and also includes the Bruce/O’Connor ridge nature reserve, the hilly area with many trees that lies between the houses in O’Connor, and the Australian Institute of Sport. Sports such as soccer, rugby and cricket are often played at the ovals at O’Connor district playing fields.

O’Connor has a small shopping center with a pub/bar, supermarket, a couple of restaurants and a pharmacy. The YHA youth hostel which was previously located in Dryandra street in O’Connor, relocated to 7 Akuna Street in Civic.

The population count of O’Connor on census night 2016 was 5,481 people.

Local Community Groups:

O’Connor Community Association

Most Recent 5 O’Connor Development Applications

planningalertsThe latest public Environment and Planning Directorate – Planning notifications can also be accessed from their site. The following is an extract of the public applications selected by NCCC that principally relate to O’Connor or have an impact on North Canberra or its residents; the extract may not be complete and does not contain development applications that are not publicly notified.

Address: 5 Burt Street, O'connor, ACT

Development Application: 202139465

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - Demolition of the existing dwellings and structures on Blocks 9 and 10; Construction of 5 attached dwellings across two buildings, internal driveway and visitor parking, new driveway verge crossing, landscaping and associated site works. Lease variation for consolidation of Blocks 9 and 10 Section 61 and to remove the maximum number of dwellings specified.
Comment closure date: 2022-01-17

Address: 4 Quinn Street, O'connor, ACT

Development Application: 202139258

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR DWELLING ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS + Internal demolition and alterations on existing dwelling, new addition to the rear of existing dwelling, including new deck, carport, landscaping and associated works.
Comment closure date: 2021-10-15

Address: 183 Miller Street, O'connor, ACT

Development Application: 202138954

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR A NEW DWELLING - Construction of a new single storey dwelling as part of a dual occupancy, landscaping, demolition of existing driveway verge crossing and replacement with new and associated works
Comment closure date: 2021-09-24

Address: 7 Macpherson Street, O'connor, ACT

Development Application: 202139066

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS TO EXISTING COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - single storey additions and alterations to the existing building, carparking, signage and associated works. Lease variation to add health facility to purpose clause.
Comment closure date: 2021-09-17

Address: 8 Burt Street, O'connor, ACT

Development Application: 202139100

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY - demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of 2 new two storey dwellings, attached carports, swimming pools, reconstruction of existing verge crossing and construction of an additional verge crossing, landscaping and associated works
Comment closure date: 2021-09-17

(Note: Earlier Development Applications can be seen by accessing the ACTPLA website or by going to PlanningAlerts. Note ACTPLA do remove access to the development application documentation some time after the DA closes, but PlanningAlerts do retain some basic historical information.)