Oct 242014

What colour will the trams be?

What will happen to bus routes?

Will trams have right of way over cars?

If you have a burning question about light rail, you can put it to Capital Metro at the North Canberra Community Council meeting at 7.30 pm on 19 November, at ACT Sports House, 100 Maitland St Hackett.

If you have a question but can’t attend the meeting, please include your question in a comment on this article. The two questions that NCCC judge to be most interesting will be put to Capital Metro at the meeting.

If you lodge your question by 10 November, NCCC will forward it to Capital Metro so that they can do some research and provide a more considered response.

Oct 242014

The Dickson community cultural precinct (Dickson Section 72) is the area to the east of the Dickson Aquatic Centre, bounded by Antill Street, the Dickson playing fields and the shared community path that leads from the Dickson shops at Cowper Street to Dickson College on Philip Avenue.

Its current zoning prohibits residential development. The ACT Government is proposing to change the zoning of the whole of Section 72 to a Commercial Zone that would allow residential development. The proposal forms a part of its Omnibus Territory Plan Variation (see link below) which will allow zoning changes at 17 sites across the ACT.

A Workshop to discuss the proposal was held at Dickson College on Monday 20 October. We have received the following feedback from one person who attended the Workshop, indicating significant concern: Continue reading »

Oct 162014

Philip Habel opened the meeting with a presentation and discussion on the Lyneham Commons Food Forest.

The following Executive and Committee members were re-elected unopposed at the Annual General Meeting on 15 October 2014.

  • Chair: Mike Hettinger
  • Deputy Chair: Greg Zwajgenberg
  • Honorary Treasurer: Bruce Smith
  • Honorary Secretary: Leon Arundell
  • Committee members: Waltraud Pix, Marcus Hipkins, Jochen Zeil, Geoff Davidson, Marianne Albury-Colless

The main items considered were light rail, city to the lake, loss of green space, and courtyard walls. Continue reading »

Oct 102014

Ben Smith of Capital Metro left a phone message on 7 October, saying that the light rail stop at the intersection of Swinden Street and Northbourne Avenue will be retained, and that some unspecified stops in other areas will not be built.
I have returned his phone call twice to ask for more information, but without success.
Leon Arundell
Secretary, NCCC

Aug 272014

By Mark Sawa, Canberra Chronicl
Seven more sites have been identified as part of a broad public housing strategy stretching across several parts of the ACT.

Representatives from the Community Services Directorate and the Economic Development Directorate gave presentations on the Draft Omnibus Territory Plan Variation to both the Belconnen Community Council and the North Canberra Community Council last week.

The variation groups 17 individual sites together across Canberra’s north and south. Continue reading »

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