Oct 162014

Philip Habel opened the meeting with a presentation and discussion on the Lyneham Commons Food Forest.

The following Executive and Committee members were re-elected unopposed at the Annual General Meeting on 15 October 2014.

  • Chair: Mike Hettinger
  • Deputy Chair: Greg Zwajgenberg
  • Honorary Treasurer: Bruce Smith
  • Honorary Secretary: Leon Arundell
  • Committee members: Waltraud Pix, Marcus Hipkins, Jochen Zeil, Geoff Davidson, Marianne Albury-Colless

The main items considered were light rail, city to the lake, loss of green space, and courtyard walls. Continue reading »

Oct 102014

Ben Smith of Capital Metro left a phone message on 7 October, saying that the light rail stop at the intersection of Swinden Street and Northbourne Avenue will be retained, and that some unspecified stops in other areas will not be built.
I have returned his phone call twice to ask for more information, but without success.
Leon Arundell
Secretary, NCCC

Aug 272014

By Mark Sawa, Canberra Chronicl
Seven more sites have been identified as part of a broad public housing strategy stretching across several parts of the ACT.

Representatives from the Community Services Directorate and the Economic Development Directorate gave presentations on the Draft Omnibus Territory Plan Variation to both the Belconnen Community Council and the North Canberra Community Council last week.

The variation groups 17 individual sites together across Canberra’s north and south. Continue reading »

Aug 172014

The next meeting of the North Canberra Community Council is on Wednesday 20 August 2014, 7.30pm at ACT Sports House, 100 Maitland Street, Hackett.


    • Draft Omnibus Territory Plan Variation -Discussion, with Environment and Planning Directorate representatives, of a proposed variation, to apply to about fifteen areas including four in the inner north.
    • (to be confirmed) Traffic issues – Roads ACT -Discussion with Roads ACT of Dickson intersection improvements and a discussion paper on Ainslie traffic issues.
  2. Continue reading »

Aug 142014

When Canberra gets its equivalent of an Independent Commission Against Corruption, almost the last of the state and territorial government systems to do so, the body should be as focused on exposing incompetence, mismanagement and failure to secure the public interest as it is on corruption.

A good place to start would be investigating the public benefit from 25 years of political and administrative dealings between ACT politicians and officials, and the top levels of the four major football codes.

As a priority, this could compete against mismanagement and corruption of the functions of ACT planning, and the problems created for future stewards of the territory by a headlong rush to maximise profits from land sales.

Read Jack Waterford’s The Canberra Times article ….

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