Aug 042015

Mr Fluffy Householders guide logoThe Select Committee on Estimates has made the following recommendations about loose-fill asbestos:

RECOMMENDATION 54 : 5.250 The Committee recommends that the ACT Government provide the Legislative Assembly, before the ACT Budget 2015-16 is passed, with an update on the financial status of the loose-fill asbestos buy-back scheme.

RECOMMENDATION 55 : 5.251 The Committee recommends that the ACT Government consider how undetected loose-fill asbestos properties will be detected and brought to its attention.

RECOMMENDATION 56 : 5.253 The Committee recommends that the ACT Government provide further information to the Legislative Assembly on the status of reported asbestos contamination at the dump site under Nudurr Drive Extension between Crace and Palmerston within 90 days of this report being tabled in the Assembly.

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Jun 182015

Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Justice, Sport and Recreation, and Minister Assisting the Chief Minister on Transport Reform, Shane Rattenbury addresses the 16 June 2015 meeting of the North Canberra Community Council.

Topics include Haig Park, Sullivan’s Creek, Canberra City Farm, Lyneham Food Forest, Dickson shops, Lyneham neighbourhood oval, Minister’s call-in powers, road classification, greenhouse impacts of light rail, age friendly suburbs, nature strips.

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